Pixel Live Wallpapers – Google

Pixel Live Wallpapers – Google


Worked with the Google's android team to create a collection of live interactive wallpapers showcasing Earth's beauty while using Google's smarts. The ‘Living Universe’ collection features high fidelity imagery from Google Earth, visualizations from weather data, and user interactions optimized exclusively for the Pixel 2. These are natively embedded on every Pixel 2 OS and were a key feature for the out of box experience.

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The Celestial Bodies collection features 3 familiar places in our universe that are brought to life through real-time data. Marvelous Marble showcases views of Earth from space based on your GPS location with time of day shifts, real-time clouds, and lighting storm data from weather.com. Planet Red reveals the sunrise and sunset of Mars over the course of a day. Closer to home, Moonshot observes the beauty of our moon through changing compositions throughout the day and evolves with the current lunar phase.


Dioramas represent an ephemeral moment in time and nature. By extracting 3d meshes and textures from Google Earth, we created a dynamic set of wallpapers from locations around the world. Each location animates on phone unlock, and swipe interactions reveal more of the scene through camera movements and parallax. To complement the scene, artificial elements such as clouds, cars, birds, and crashing waves bring landscape to life.


Your Whirled visualizes the unseen forces around us in an abstract representation. Using real time weather data and the user’s GPS location, the wallpaper generates a particle system to reveal the windy current around them.


My role included working in an agile workflow via github, collaborating with designers and developers. I helped develop concepts, composition logic, interaction patterns, visual treatments / restorations, and prototypes through animation. These wallpapers are natively implemented within Android on Pixel 2 and available on other android devices via some crowdsourced magic.