Luxury Smartwatches – Movado

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Movado is one of the most well known luxury watch brands in the world. We worked with them to introduce their iconic brand to the digital world, while maintaining their reductionist philosophy. We collaborated also with Google’s Android Wear team to implement them with Android Wear 2.0.

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The Movado set features  classic iconic styles, while others are more utility based. Each watch face has customizable details such as complications, hands, indices, and color. All together the set features over 100 customizable dial variations, while allowing for smart interactions such as phone calls, appointments, Google Fit, apps, music, and is equipped with Google Assistant.


We also designed the Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger smartwatch collections. These were approached the same way as we identified key parts of their brands, built use cases around a watch concept, and then portrayed them in a digital space. Each watchface also has customizable features that make them unique to each user.


My role included developing use cases, visual design, and motion prototyping with a team of designers and developers. The Movado Connect was the only smartwatch named to the New York Times "16 Noteworthy Watches from Baselworld" If tech luxury is your thing, you can pick one up over here.